It is no secret that the most successful sales and marketing efforts focus primarily on the customer and their needs before introducing a product or service. You are expected to position your brand as a solution to a problem making the buying decision a logical one.
And while elements of this approach remain important, today’s marketing requires an even deeper understanding of what motivates consumers as well as what they value in terms of the information you provide them.
Understanding your customer goes beyond their primary need for what you offer. Sure, they may be interested in remodeling their kitchen, but they also may be weighing that decision against adding a patio and fire pit.
As we have discussed in earlier blogs, consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages each day. You are not only competing against other companies in your industry but with a host of other potential purchases that are all vying to be considered most critically important.
In order to conquer an animal, you need to think like an animal, and whenever possible, look like one…  – Bill Murray
Well perhaps you don’t need to look like your customer, but you need to put yourself in their shoes and understand how they respond to messaging.
We live in a mobile world where information is being delivered constantly and consumers gravitate toward information that respects their time and is easy to understand. Should you appear in a search and can quickly communicate how you deliver solutions to your customers’ problems you not only demonstrate respect for the customer, you have a better chance of having them invest more time with you.
This is why Spartan Branding spends significant time working with clients in honing your message to clarify what you offer and how you will change the lives of your customers.
This will require work in the form of either surveys or direct contact with existing customers to determine what motivates as well as what can deter a purchase decision. Do not assume you know what consumers want as more often you will discover other motivating factors.
Let’s look at the Remodeled Kitchen or the Patio and Fire Pit scenario. Both are home improvement projects and both add value to the home and enhance the owner’s lifestyle so how do you position your offering as a more critical purchase?
Respect your customers’ time and build a concise story around the various problems you will address both literally and emotionally.
A homeowner wishes to update a Kitchen to be state-of-the-art or add a Patio and Fire Pit to spend more time outdoors. Pretty simple, and not wrong.
But by addressing internal problems such as the dream to prepare gourmet meals or the desire to entertain outdoors you begin to create a deeper connection with the customer. And finally, by addressing problems that connect your brand to higher ideals such as the importance of family and quality time spent together, you will create deeper value to what you offer.
Do not be tempted to assume you know what motivates your customers. Take the time to gather real feedback or have research conducted. From there you will have the building blocks to begin crafting a concise story that is not only relevant but respects the customer.
Need help in communicating how you can change your customers’ lives?
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